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Fulbright in France Celebrates Two Milestones

Tenth Anniversary of Fulbright-Aquitaine Program
The 10th anniversary of the Fulbright-Aquitaine program was celebrated in Bordeaux, France, on October 11, 2013.  The Fulbright-Aquitaine program is one of three programs begun in 2003 by the Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange (FACEE), in which a French regional government provides funding for French and U.S. Fulbright scholars to conduct collaborative research in the other country.  The awards in Aquitaine focus primarily on the hard sciences, including areas of analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, subsoil energy, optic – lasers, health sciences, environment sciences, and information sciences, in addition to archeology, economics, and management.  At the anniversary celebration in Bordeaux, French Scientist Laurent Cognet, who received a Fulbright-Aquitaine grant to Rice University in Texas in 2006-07, reported that 60% of his current research derives directly from his Fulbright experience.
French Fulbright Commission Completes First Year of U.S. International Education Administrators Seminar
The French Fulbright Commission successfully launched the first edition of the Fulbright International Education Administrators Program October 5-19.  The Fulbright program brought 11 university administrators to Bordeaux, Paris and Strasbourg with the objective of deepening the group’s understanding of the French Higher Education and Research landscape.  The delegates represented a wide range of U.S. universities including: small, private liberal arts and multidisciplinary institutions Pitzer College, Bellarmine University,  Averett University, University of Bridgeport and the New School; large state universities Kent State University and SUNY College at Old Westbury; and large private universities Columbia University, Saint Louis University and Brigham Young University.  A representative of World Education Services was also in the delegation. 
France IEA 2013 Bordeaux recently inaugurated Institut des sciences de la vigne et du vin

France IEA 2013: Bordeaux recently inaugurated Institut des sciences de la vigne et du vin

The program incorporated presentations, meetings and encounters in the three cities with leaders, decision makers, academics, Fulbright alumni, the Aquitaine and Alsace regional councils and students.  The delegation met and visited nearly 20 French institutions including universities, grandes écoles, research institutions, European institutions and high schools in Bordeaux, Paris and Strasbourg.  The European dimension of Higher Education and Research was explored in Bordeaux with the European Agency 2E2F presenting Erasmus + funding opportunities for student mobility and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research presenting research funding.   Delegates also met with the Bordeaux Universities and the French Wine institute ISVV giving them a better appreciation of the regional dynamic and expertise. 
In Paris, participants visited the Sorbonne university and several other institutions inside and outside of Paris, including the “Université Paris-Saclay”, the most ambitious project currently supported by the French government creating a federation of world class research institutions just outside of Paris. The program offered a  regional and cross-border European experience when the 11 French IEA delegates met up with the 20 German IEA program delegates in Strasbourg.   A total of 32 American delegates were able to consolidate what they had learned about France and Germany’s Higher Education systems and exchange observations.  The groups compared systems, heard about the University of Strasbourg’s approach to mergers and international cooperation and ended the stay with a visit to the Council of Europe.  The two-week program illustrated the diversity of the higher education landscape in France as well as the regional cultural heritage.  The delegates expressed their satisfaction in the quality of the dialogues, the variety of encounters and the opportunity to explore common current issues at the heart of the globalization of higher education today.   During  the debriefing session, participants developed a concrete sense of what was possible, with whom and where.  They also felt they understood better the hurdles of cooperation due to lack the information on both sides, mismatched expectations, issues of tuition costs and the impact of rankings on institutional visibility.  They expressed their enthusiasm in revising faculty research partnerships, project collaboration, student orientation for international experience and dual-degrees.
France IEA 2013: Paris grand escalier de la Sorbonne

France IEA 2013: Paris grand escalier de la Sorbonne

Extended Award Opportunities

While the application deadline for most 2013-2014 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Core awards has passed, we are pleased to announce that several awards remain open to new applicants.

The country programs include Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, France, Germany, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. There are also two regional opportunities in the European Union.

TEFL and STEM are popular fields within these extended opportunities. Other fields represented include journalism, archaeology, film studies, American studies, political science, business, information science, and finance.

The deadline to apply for these awards is Monday, September 17, 2012. To view open awards, visit our Catalog of Awards.  To apply, please visit our online application.

We will hold an informational webinar on the extended deadline awards on Wednesday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. To register, click here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/972626513.

Please do not hesitate to contact our regional program staff if you have any questions


For more information and deadline information for other Fulbright U.S. Scholar programs, including the Fulbright Specialist Program, International Education Administrators Seminars, Community College Administrators Seminar in the Russian Federation, and German Studies Seminar, visit our website

Deadline Approaching

The deadline for the 2013-14 Core Fulbright Scholar Program competition is Wednesday, August 1.

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program opportunities for faculty members, administrators, and professionals exist around the globe. This year there are six regional and 143 country programs included in the competition and more than 500 awards in virtually every academic discipline.  The Fulbright Scholar program offers teaching, research, or combined teaching/research awards. You can search for awards by country program and by academic discipline by visiting our online Catalog of Awards.

Here are a few specific opportunities to consider:

The African Regional Research Program, AIDS and AIDS-Related Research program is available in 25 Sub-Saharan African countries that also offer teaching or teaching/research awards, excluding South Africa.

Four awards are offered in Cote d’Ivoire, for scholars in American literature and civilization, TEFL, engineering, industrial drawing and computer science.

Benin will host two Fulbright U.S. Scholars in 2013-14. Priority fields include business administration, economics, medicine, American studies, law, computer science, mathematics, fine arts, and political science.

Guinea will fund a 10-month teaching/research Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant in 2013-14, open to all disciplines.

Democratic Republic of the Congo is sponsoring two awards, including one in public health.

New private universities in Kuwait are seeking senior scholars to contribute to the long term development of their institutions. Senior scholars in American studies as well as scholars in business administration, commerce, economics, education, English as a Foreign Language, health and medicine, political science and sociology should apply.

Tajikistan’s relatively new Fulbright program is offering one grant for teaching or teaching and research, with the opportunity to contribute to a developing higher education system.

Turkmenistan invites scholars in International Diplomacy and TEFL to apply for 2013-14 Fulbright Scholar grant.

Uzbekistan has a particular need for TEFL expertise and offers up to four grants for teaching or teaching and research.

Albania offers three awards in all disciplines, business administration/economics and social sciences/education.

One all disciplines teaching or teaching and research award is available in Luxembourg.

All discipline and TEFL awards are being offered in Honduras, Suriname and Paraguay.

One all disciplines award offered by Maldives will give the grantee the unique opportunity to teach or teach and do research at the Maldives’ first and newly opened university.

Up to seven awards for teaching and teaching/research at the graduate level and potentially the undergraduate level are available in Malaysia, where in many fields English is the language of instruction.

For more information, program updates, and special features visit our website; read the new Fulbright Scholar Blog; follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+; or participate in one of our webinars.

If you have any questions about the program, available opportunities, or the application process, please contact us.

Fulbright Anniversaries: Celebrating Legacies of International Educational Exchange

In 2012, the Fulbright Program celebrates significant anniversaries in 14 countries: Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Lithuania, Morocco, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The U.S. Department of State, U.S. embassies Fulbright Commissions, partner governments and organizations that administer Fulbright worldwide will commemorate the formalization of relationships between the United States and partner countries—connections that have ranged from twenty to sixty years—with conferences, symposia, galas and concerts. Fulbright anniversary events are reminders of the impact of decades of educational exchange on bilateral relations, scholarship and civil society linkages.

In February, Germany celebrated its 60th Fulbright Program anniversary at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin with remarks by Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who serves as the honorary chairman of the program. Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, delivered a speech citing Fulbright’s role in the reinvigoration of transatlantic relations, particularly as new generations of Americans lose ties with their European roots. Just seven years after the end of World War II, the newly formed Federal Republic of Germany signed a bilateral agreement with the United States, which grew to be the largest such agreement within the framework of the Fulbright program. The Fulbright Commission in Germany has recently focused its efforts on the integration of students from recently emigrated families.

The Japan-U.S. Fulbright Program also began seven years after World War II and has been instrumental in bolstering post-war U.S.-Japan relations. To celebrate the impact of Fulbright on this important relationship, the Japan-U.S. Educational Commission (Fulbright Japan), the Japan Fulbright Alumni Associations, and the Japan-U.S. Educational Exchange Promotion Foundation (Fulbright Foundation) sponsored the Japan-U.S. Fulbright Program 60th Anniversary Symposium, “Paving the Path – Envisioning the Future.” Fifty to sixty Fulbrighters from both the U.S. and Japan are selected each year and there are over 8,000 alumni of the program.

Hungary’s 20th Fulbright anniversary was accompanied by a 20-minute video detailing the stories of Hungarian and American scholars whose work and lives have been impacted by their participation in Fulbright. The Hungarian Commission also commemorated its anniversary with a daylong program at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The events included panel discussions given by diplomats and professors on American-Hungarian political and cultural relations and the future of Fulbright in Hungary.

Indonesia celebrated the 60th anniversary of its Fulbright Program, which has been administered since 1992 by the nonprofit organization AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation). President Obama sent his greetings to the anniversary celebration, citing the impact of his childhood experience in Indonesia on his life and stating, “In Indonesia, the Fulbright Program has strengthened ties between our countries that are based on mutual understanding and respect. Since 1952, Indonesia scholars have participated in the Fulbright Program, learning and teaching in the United States.  The Program has provided Americans similar opportunities to experience Indonesia and its people firsthand.”

At the end of June, Cyprus celebrated its 50th Fulbright anniversary with a mini-conference called “Ideas That Flow: A Stream of Ideas Toward Sustainability in Cyprus.” Scholars in Cyprus came to together to present on subjects including renewable energy, climate change and water resource management.

On July 10, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at an event in Hanoi, Vietnam for the 20th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Vietnam. Since its inception in 1992, the U.S.-Vietnam Fulbright Program has funded the exchange of approximately 1,000 U.S. and Vietnamese citizens.  “People often ask me: What can an individual, what can a nation do? Well, the world we live in is unpredictable. There is no way that we will know everything that will happen in the future. But the best insurance policy is a good education at a great university,” Secretary Clinton stated.

Other programs have events planned for the remaining months of 2012, including Morocco and Sweden this fall. Happy birthday to all the countries celebrating anniversaries this year!

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